Founded in 2016, GreyCorbel Solutions focuses on delivery of quality IT services in the following areas:

  • Development of commercial and custom software solutions for Windows platform.
  • Consulting services in area of Windows infrastructure, Security and Identity, Cloud services.
  • Leading of migration and integration projects.

In commercial development area, our leading project is Admin Password Manager Enterprise (AdmPwd.E) – solution for management of administrator passwords.

We develop packaged product, customizations based on specific needs of customers, and provide support of solution.

To find out more, see the solution web and visit the solution page on GitHub, where we maintain code samples and open source tools related to solution.

In custom development area, we focus on development of:

  • web middleware of backend solutions that tightly integrate with Windows platform,
  • security and identity management solutions,
  • migration and integration components and frameworks.

In consulting area, we focus on:

  • delivering solution architecture and functional designs,
  • leading of delivery teams to meet project delivery time and budget expectations,
  • staffing of custimer teams with subject matter experts to fill competency gaps.


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